‘Warzone’ gets its first exclusive perks – here’s how they work

New perks indicate a potential shift in the meta

Raven Software’s latest update to Call Of Duty: Warzone adds two new perks exclusive to the battle royale.

Warzone has received its first exclusive perks designed specifically for the battle royale. All previous perks have been brought over from the mainline games. These two new perks are Combat Scout and Tempered.

Combat Scout is a slot three perk that will briefly highlight and ping enemies when they take damage from a player using the perk. This makes it harder for enemies to escape once they are in the sights of a player.


The other new perk is Tempered which allows players to refill their armour using two plates instead of three. This means that fewer resources are needed to maintain good defence and should make mid-fight refreshing much easier.

Changes have also been made to the Cold Blooded perk. The perk allows players to become invisible to ai controlled targeting systems and avoid being highlighted on thermal optics.

This perk will now also prevent the new Combat Scout perk from affecting the user and no longer triggering the perk High Alert.

High Alert will receive a small buff itself. The perk causes a user vision to pulse when a player is looking at them. This can give warnings before a firefight starts or before someone takes a shot with a sniper. The buff that will be released now allows High Alert users to hear footsteps from players using the Dead Silence field upgrade.

The upgrade makes players move faster and makes their footsteps inaudible. This speed and stealth is a mighty boost in Warzone, so the changes to High Alert may seriously impact the upgrades use. More details are available in the patch notes.


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