‘Warzone’ has broken melee attacks on new map Caldera

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight

The Call Of Duty: Warzone melee attack isn’t working properly as Season 1 on new map Caldera gets underway.

As reported by Dexerto, melee attacks just aren’t doing any damage. A video from user chrisssf (which can be seen below) on the CODWarzone subreddit shows melee hits not doing any damage despite landing on the opponent.

Whilst this could be an isolated incident, comments on chrisssf’s video and footage on another post-show the broken melee attack costing a player the win, and appear to indicate otherwise. One comment read: “I downed the final guy in a game and emptied my clip in doing so. I ran up to him and tried meleeing him about five times as he self revived, but I couldn’t kill him. I was finally able to assassinate him before he self revived.”

I thought they nerfed melee’s, but not this bad! from CODWarzone


The public Trello of updates and issues in Warzone doesn’t have any sort of melee problem listed at the time of publication, although Raven Software may update this down the line. The Season 1 patch notes, with the most recent update coming yesterday on December 19, also don’t indicate that melee hits not registering has been either noted by the developers or fixed as of yet.

This melee bug appears to be quite costly for players at the moment, as it’s not working on downed enemies or during regular gunfights.  Exactly what’s causing the problem remains to be seen, so we just recommend switching to your secondary instead of going for the melee at the moment.

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