Watch Chrissy Costanza help a senior citizen learn ‘League Of Legends’

Under the expert tutelage of Costanza, Glenn becomes a certified Jinx main

To promote Arcane, Netflix has shared a video of singer and streamer Chrissy Costanza teaching a senior citizen how to play League Of Legends.

In the wholesome video, Costanza helps senior citizen Glenn get to grips with Riot Games title League Of Legends, the game that one of Netflix’s latest shows – Arcane – is based on.

As she teaches Glenn to play Jinx, Costanza breaks down the intricacies of the multiplayer strategy game for Glenn, explaining how to kill minions and avoid taking damage from the powerful towers.


Impressively, Glenn starts picking up several League Of Legends mechanics quickly, even offering his own articulate analogy on pushing to damage a tower. “It’s like a football game and my minions are my offensive line and I’m the quarterback”, explained Glenn as he made major progress in winning his match.

“I’m normally a very non-violent person,” laughs Glenn – a grandfather of three – as he mentions how he’s having fun killing enemy minions.

“It’s more complicated than video poker, but also more exciting” adds Glenn. After securing his first win, he shared that he “had a lot of fun” learning League Of Legends and praised Costanza as “a wonderful teacher”.

It’s worth mentioning that Chrissy Costanza has appeared at more worlds finals than most League Of Legends pros – though perhaps not for the same competitive reason. Costanza has contributed two songs for the event – Legends Never Die and Phoenix – and has performed them live at several finals.

It’s entirely possible that Costanza may run into her prodigy at the next finals – when the singer asked if Glenn would be going pro, he answered with a confident “heck yeah”.


In other news, Capcom has shared a video displaying Devil May Cry 5 running smoothly on the Steam Deck.

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