‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ gets zombie DLC on PC starting today

Panic on the streets of London...

Ubisoft has made a surprise reveal of some zombie focussed DLC for Watch Dogs: Legion called Legion of the Dead. 

Revealed by IGN in an interview with the games online director Jean-Pascal Cambiotti, this new mode is a PvE co-op roguelite for a max of four players. Included as part of title update 4.5, it promises hectic multiplayer action, as shown in the 22-minute gameplay video below.


Speaking to IGN, Cambiotti said: “I think there’s something inherently fun about playing with zombies, beyond the instant gratification of destroying them. We were inspired by the multiple portrayals of zombies across popular culture, and in the game, we made the decision to make zombies slower but lethal.

“They can be used as a gameplay tool to create chaos by luring them into fortified Albion layouts while you sneak in and save your precious ammo for another fight.”

When asked if this new zombie DLC mode could spin off into a new game, Cambiotti talked about the team’s idea of flipping the game on its head, and said that they will keep in contact with fans to see where the game mode can be taken in the future.

The update will start small and have extra features and adjustments added in depending on the overall feedback, according to Cambiotti. The DLC is currently in Alpha and only available on PC, and there’s no word yet on when it’ll come to consoles.

This comes soon after Watch Dogs: Legion added multiplayer to the game on March 9 following the game’s launch. It also follows Ubisoft’s claim that it has made “considerable progress” since workplace abuse allegations surfaced last year.


In other news, Minecraft is going to receive the first half of its Caves & Cliffs starting next week on June 8.


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