Watch new footage of ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ first boss fight

Additional details about the game have also been revealed

New gameplay footage of the first boss battle from Insomniac GamesMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been revealed.

The footage was revealed exclusively by Game Informer, which will also feature the webslinger as the cover star of its upcoming issue. The footage takes place early into the game’s runtime and features Morales fighting alongside Peter Parker.

The clip begins with both Morales and Parker trying and failing to stop a police convoy unit from crashing. It’s soon revealed that the police unit was transporting super villain Rhino, who has now broken free. It then cuts to Miles battling Rhino, showcasing Miles’ more acrobatic fighting style, his abilities and more.


Watch the gameplay footage below.

The gameplay, which was captured on a PS5, also boasts improved graphics over the PS4 versions of the original Spider-Man game.

Apart from the new gameplay reveal, Game Informer’s editor-in-chief Andrew Reiner also took to Twitter to answer some fan questions. When asked if Miles’ swinging style would differ from Peter’s, Reiner explained that it will be “all new animations. Miles is less sure in his movements and relies more on his legs for momentum”.

Other replies from Reiner suggest that the game will also expand on Peter Parker’s story from the original game, although it will mainly focus on Morales. He also confirmed that Miles’ invisibility skill will on a timer, but can likely be lengthened through skill upgrades.


Reiner has also confirmed that the game’s Peter Parker will be modelled after the character’s new face model, Ben Jordan. The game’s map will also be the same as the 2018 game’s, albeit with newly redesigned areas, due to in-game renovations that happen between games.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is scheduled to be released on November 12 on PS4. It will also launch on November 12 on PS5 in select regions, before a global release on November 19. Pre-orders are available here.

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