Watch the story trailer for Netflix’s ‘DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’ anime

It arrives alongside a hidden clip teasing a new character

Netflix has released the first story trailer for its upcoming animated series, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

The new trailer comes two weeks after Netflix first announced the series and offers fans of the game a clearer look at what the animated series will bring. Watch the thrilling new trailer below.


The new trailer dives deeper into lead protagonist Davion’s story, which sees him escorting another character on a journey to recover the goddess of the moon Selemene’s magical lotuses in order to resurrect her.

The clip alludes to Selemene’s successful resurrection, but also reveals that she may not be the peaceful goddess Davion and company expected. The trailer also features a glimpse at new characters and what seems to be an epic clash between two dragons.

The trailer was also released on Twitter, alongside four posters for the show. Each poster includes a quarter of a QR code, that when aligned together and scanned, reveals an unlisted video on YouTube, as highlighted by Geek Culture.

The unlisted video seemingly introduced a new villain, Terrorblade. The clip lasts 15 seconds, and features the character saying in a menacing growl “All you have to do is let me in” as glass shatters around him.


DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is scheduled to premiere exclusively on Netflix on March 25. The series is being made in collaboration with Valve, and is produced by Ashley Edward Miller, best known for her work on X-Men: First Class and Thor.

The series is the latest game-to-TV adaptation being developed by Netflix. The streaming giant most recently announced in January that Tomb Raider is similarly being adapted into an animated series. Prior to the Tomb Raider announcement, Netflix also announced a Resident Evil-themed CG series and a live-action series.

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