‘Weird West’ announces early 2022 release alongside dev deep dive video

Players control five unique characters that all intersect during the game

Isometric immersive-sim Weird West will be releasing on January 11 next year, developer Wolfeye Studios has announced. 

Rafael Colantonio is the creative director on the title, known for being a co-founder and creative director at Arkane Studios. Colantonio was a director on both Dishonored and Prey but left Arkane in 2017 before founding Wolfeye Studios.

Weird West is the studio’s upcoming title and aims to mix action RPG elements with the immersive sim genre that Arkane is known for. The title will be released on January 11 next year.


The first of a series of deep-dive videos for the title can be watched below.

“One of our goals for Weird West is for everything that seems interactive to actually be interactive,” says Colantonio in the clip (thanks, PC Gamer). “We can loot things, search anything, take items from inventories or place items from your inventory into the world, carry bodies, bury bodies, kick things, set things on fire, and more. If you see something that seems possible, chances are it is possible, and it feeds in the simulation to create gameplay opportunities.”

The title will see players embark on the stories of five strangers, all of whom have intersecting stories and who can interact with the world in exciting ways.

Wolfeye Studios’ website adds that the developer wants “players to live their own adventures in rich simulated worlds that respond to actions and decisions in ways that is unique to each playthrough.”

Weird West
Weird West. Credit: Wolfeye Studios


You can learn more about the game at its official website. Weird West is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 11.

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