WitcherCon teases free TV-inspired DLC for ‘The Witcher 3’


As part of WitcherCon, CD Projekt Red has announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will receive free DLC (downloadable content) alongside the next-gen update planned for later this year.

The announcement tweet states “Spoiler alert: we also prepared some free DLCs inspired by @witchernetflix”

The DLC will be free, and cover art revealed for the next-gen update mentions that it will include “extra items inspired by the Netflix series”.


Although no specifics have been revealed, the official Twitter account for The Witcher games teases that more info will be coming soon.

The free DLC will not be exclusive to the next-gen version, and will be available on all platforms – including the PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The team has also confirmed in a Twitter reply that as well as the DLC being free, the next-gen update will also be free for individuals who already own the game. Earlier in the year, it was mentioned that fan-made mods for The Witcher 3 seemed “very likely” to be included in the next-gen upgrade.

WitcherCon also surprised fans with the trailer of an anime film featuring Vesimir, Geralt’s mentor in the Witcher games and wider series. The film, titled The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, will be released by Netflix on August 23 2021.


As spotted by PC Gamer, developers at WitcherCon also revealed that Geralt wasn’t originally planned to feature in the first Witcher game and players would have instead been able to customize their own character.

In other news, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be the first PS5 game to feature ‘ultra-wide’ support, which will allow the game to run in 2560×1080 and 3340×1440 resolutions on the console.