‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ is the next free Epic Games Store title

Players can grab it for the next seven days

The Epic Games Store has revealed that its next free game is Wolfenstein: The New Order

Players can redeem the 2014 title here until June 9 at 4PM UK time. The next “mystery game” is set to be revealed on June 9 as well. Wolfenstein: The New Order marked a soft reboot for the franchise, as developer MachineGames took the reins on the series.

The game sees players take control of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz in his fight against the Nazis in an alternate history 20th century. The first-person shooter favours intense action and a linear narrative-driven story, which was then furthered in subsequent sequels.


“Discover an unfamiliar world ruled by a familiar enemy — one that has twisted history as you know it. Sound intriguing?” said the Epic Games Store in a tweet.

“The Vault has opened and Wolfenstein: The New Order is free now! Get ready for an exhilarating action-adventure experience.”

MachineGames has also joined forces with Bethesda recently to develop an Indiana Jones game, and whilst little is known about it right now it could be shown off at the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase on June 12.

The most recent game in the Wolfenstein franchise was the two-player co-op shooter Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Wolfenstein Youngblood: Credit MachineGames


The game will have an “original story” and be “executive produced by Todd Howard” with collaboration coming from LucasFilm Games. Bethesda said during the January 2021 reveal that it would be “some time” until more was shown.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has thus replaced BioShock: The Collection as the Epic Game Store’s mystery game, which was available until 4PM today (June 2).

In other news, Ubisoft is not set to have a summer presentation at not-E3 this year, but it will show games “later this year.”

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