‘WoW’ community is trash compared to ‘FFXIV”s says Asmongold

"How do I know that? Because I was in it."

Popular World Of Warcraft streamer Asmongold says that the community is trash compared to Final Fantasy XIV’s.

In a recent Twitch stream Asmongold, a prominent figure in World Of Warcraft’s community, has agreed with another streamer on opinions about the WoW community. He said that:

“I saw a clip of Esfand talking about how the Final Fantasy community is a better community than the WoW community, in terms of like being supportive etc. Let me tell you something. That is completely true. There has never been a truer true that has ever been trued. I’ll be honest the WoW community is, uh, it’s trash. How do I know that? Because I was in it.”


Asmongold has previously been highly critical of World Of Warcraft’s recent releases. In a large TwitLonger post, he said that “World of Warcraft used to be a game that made you want to waste your time. Now it’s just a game that wastes your time.”

“Now, when I see a pop up that Burning Crusade is releasing less than a month from now, and Illidan’s iconic “You are not prepared!” quote co-opted to sell ridiculously overpriced microtransactions, I see the last bit of heart and soul of a game I love being drained away for a quarterly earnings report.”

Final Fantasy XIV itself has seen a recent surge in popularity, with the servers reaching capacity. It also repeatedly passed its concurrent player record on Steam. Eventually, it had to introduce a thirty-minute idle timer to try and reclaim server capacity.

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