Xbox Game Pass now has over 15million subscribers

The service has risen by five million subscribers since April

Xbox Game Pass has hit a new milestone as over 15million players have subscribed to the service, Microsoft has announced.

Hidden away in a press release from yesterday’s (September 21) announcement that the company was acquiring ZeniMax Media, it was revealed that Xbox Game Pass is now home to more than 15 million subscribers. The new figure marks five million more users than was previously reported back in April.

Since the initial figure of 10 million players being signed up to the service, Microsoft has further increased the amount of content consumers receive through Xbox Game Pass.


Back in July, it was announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members would be granted access to the cloud gaming service, allowing users to play a selection of games through an Android phone or device. EA Play was also revealed to be joining the subscription at some point later this year.

The acquisition of ZeniMax Media saw Microsoft bringing studios such as Bethesda Softworks and id Software to Xbox’s first-party lineup. Additionally, all of Bethesda’s iconic franchises have also been confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

With the addition of multiple studios, the number of creative studios owned by the company has jumped from 15 to 23. Other companies include Playground Games, who are working on a Fable reboot, and 343 Industries, the developers of the upcoming Halo Infinite.

In related news, pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S opened today (September 22), and will both be released on November 10.

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