Xbox Games deny rumours of a “world premiere” for ‘Elden Ring’

“This is not happening”

Xbox Games’ Marketing General Manager has denied rumours that a big Xbox reveal event is being planned, saying there is “nothing coming soon”.

Rumours began in late February of a possible Xbox event that would reveal Elden Ring – a much anticipated new From Software game – due to a conflation of two separate rumours.

An Xbox event was suggested by tech journalist Paul Thurrott on his Twitter account, in a tweet which stated: “Microsoft is apparently holding a ‘whats new for gaming’ event on March 23”. Microsoft has not yet made any announcements regarding its plans for Bethesda, so many assumed it would be a games reveal event.


During a GamesBeat Decides podcast, Jeff Grubb revealed his belief that an Elden Ring announcement would come in March 2021. Games journalist Jason Schreier also tweeted about the game, saying: “There is strong evidence floating around that the game will be shown relatively soon”.

An article on DualShockers combined the two and alleged that a large-scale announcements event may be planned for March 23, with world premieres for several trailers. Twitter responses to this suggestion prompted Aaron Greenberg, Marketing General Manager at Xbox Games, to ‘set expectations’.

“This is not happening,” read the tweet. “There are always things we have in the works but nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements or world premieres like this.”


In other Xbox news, Doom Eternal has reportedly earned US$450million in the first nine months after its release. The game’s reported revenue was shared on LinkedIn by a former id Software employee, who served as the game’s “monetization designer”. The profile was taken down, but was captured and shared.

Doom’s game director Hugo Martin also recently revealed during a Twitch stream that he has given “a lot of thought” into introducing a female Doom Slayer, and the impact it would have on the franchise.