Xbox has created a virtual museum for its 20th anniversary

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Xbox has designed a virtual museum for its users, which shows the history of games and consoles by the company, starting from its inception in 1999 all the way to the present day.

Visitors of will be able to view a TV stand filled with all four of Microsoft‘s Xbox consoles, as well as a Master Chief statue which will take you to the Halo exhibit. Clicking on each console will lead to a room dedicated to a specific portion of Xbox’s twenty-year history.

Each console has a number of images and facts from throughout its development and release as well as audio clips from important figures at Xbox about the thought processes behind each experience. Each room also contains patents, concept art, and information about some of the most popular IPs for the consoles.


The Halo museum features a giant monument to Master Chief and several vehicles from the series. Larger than the other rooms, it features a deep dive into Xbox’s most popular franchise, where players can see every aspect of development, including all the Halo-themed controllers and accessories.

Finally, if users log in to their Microsoft account they will be able to see their own personal museum, which features numerous statistics about their Xbox based play since the Xbox 360. This includes favourite genres, most played games, achievements and dates for favourite titles.

It is uncertain how long the website will be available for, so players must access the museum now to ensure they see this part of gaming history.

In other news, the studio behind the Lord of the Rings films is developing a new game based on a “major worldwide IP” and a Chrono Cross remaster is rumoured to be in development with a presumed Christmas announcement and Irish language music on the soundtrack.

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