Xbox head teases Bethesda’s “future roadmap”: “It’s an incredibly exciting time”

He also spoke about why the acquisition was the "natural next step”

Xbox head Phil Spencer has hinted at Microsoft’s exciting future with Bethesda, following its acquisition of ZeniMax Media last week.

During a recent appearance on Major Nelson’s podcast, Spencer called it an “incredibly exciting time” for Bethesda, in reference to the company’s “future roadmap” and upcoming games.

“I have the benefit of knowing the future roadmap and having some insight into the things that have been both announced and unannounced that the teams are working on,” Spencer said.


“It’s an incredibly exciting time for the work that Bethesda’s studios are doing, as they continue with the craft of creating games and also thinking about how our medium of gaming continues to evolve and their role in that.”

Check out the episode below.


During the interview, Spencer also spoke about the two companies’ longstanding relationship and why the acquisition made sense for Microsoft. “To me, that’s part of why the partnership was just so natural,” he said.

“You find teams out there that are always pushing themselves and their own capability, and I fundamentally believe that the more closely we work with teams like that, the better we are as a platform,” Spencer added.


He also acknowledged Microsoft and Bethesda’s past relationship and how that forged the new partnership: “For us, there’s this longstanding relationship of ‘What does it mean for them to build what they’re trying to build on top of our platform’, that makes – in many instances – us feel like one team.”

Microsoft and Bethesda recently announced that Doom Eternal will arrive on Xbox Game Pass beginning on October 1. The game will also be made available for PC though the service, although a release date has yet to be announced.