Xbox horror game ‘Scorn’ may have been delayed into 2022

According to its new publisher Kepler Interactive

Xbox Series X|S console exclusive horror title Scorn may have been delayed from its original 2021 release, although the announcement came unexpectedly.

As reported in GameRant, the delay did not come through an announcement from developer Ebb Software, who had gone dark on the project after sharing 14 minutes of gameplay footage from the nightmarish looking game captured on Series X last year.

Instead, a 2022 date was indicated in a press release from yesterday (September 28), announcing the launch of a new “super-developer” publishing group called Kepler Interactive.


Kepler Interactive is a new global publisher co-owned and run by developers, made up of seven founding members: A44, Alpha Channel, Awaceb, Shapefarm, Sloclap, and Timberline, as well as Ebb Software.

Among the details however, Scorn is mentioned, along with Sloclap’s Sifu and Awaceb’s Tchia, as “hotly anticipated titles” in its “2022 slate”.

The game’s delay may not be a huge surprise, given that Ebb Software has not provided any new updates since last year, especially when an October release would have been appropriate for the grotesque H.R. Giger-inspired title.

It’s nonetheless good news for Kepler Interactive, who has already secured $120million in funding for its developers, and boasts a “unique model whereby game studio founders become co‑owners, empowering them to make key strategic decisions, including the introduction of new members to the collective, whilst being directly rewarded for the financial success of the group”.


Elsewhere, it’s been rumoured that Valve’s next VR headset could be cutting the cord to be a standalone unit to rival the Oculus Quest 2. The YouTuber,  SadlyItsBradley, who reported this promised more will be discussed in a live YouTube Q&A steam on Friday (October 1).