Xbox Series X mini fridges are already being flipped by scalpers

That's just cold

Microsoft has launched pre-orders for an Xbox Series X-style mini fridge, but scalpers have already started reselling the item for triple the retail price.

Pre-orders for the mini-fridge – designed to replicate the shape and style of the console – launched today, October 19. Like the actual Xbox Series X though, stock ran out rapidly. The refrigerator was exclusive to UK retailer GAME, priced at £89.99. After the item sold out, scalpers began putting listings on eBay, with some selling the fridge for £279.99.

The fridge is not expected to release until December this year. This could cause trouble for scalpers and those purchasing. When the Steam Deck was available to pre-order, listings also appeared on eBay.


Credit: eBay

At the time, a spokesperson said that all orders through eBay must be guaranteed to ship within 30 days of purchase. This led eBay to remove several listings for the Steam Deck. The Xbox Series X fridge isn’t going to be released in the next 30 days. As such, these listings will likely also be removed.

Over on the actual Xbox Series X, Microsoft has announced that there will be several games coming to Xbox Game Pass by the end of October. These include Into the Pit and Outriders. Dragon Ball FighterZ and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will also be joining the service.

One of the most notable additions is Age Of Empires IV, the latest entry in the strategy game series. The previous title was released in 2005. Age Of Empires IV is available on PC or Game Pass on October 28.

In other news, it appears that Ubisoft might finally be resurrecting the Splinter Cell franchise. The last entry in the series was released in 2008. No details are available on the new project, but an announcement could come next year.