‘XCOM 2’ multiplayer services are shutting down on PC

Enemy offline

Firaxis Games has announced that XCOM 2 will lose its multiplayer and other online modes on PC by the end of March.

Earlier this week (February 28) Firaxis Games announced that XCOM 2’s multiplayer and challenge modes would be shutting down. “As a heads up to the XCOM 2 community, we wanted to share that we will be retiring services for Multiplayer and Challenge Mode for the Steam version of the game on March 28″ wrote Firaxis on a Steam post.

“The decision to retire these services isn’t something done lightly, but it does allow us to refocus our resources. We appreciate your support and thank you for your understanding.” Firaxis did not specify what they mean by refocusing their resources. And this will only affect the Windows version of XCOM 2 on Steam. Mac, Linux, and console versions will remain online.


Firaxis XCOM 2 screenshot
XCOM 2 Credit: 2K Games

Responses to the new on the post are mixed, with some players not even being aware XCOM 2 had online multiplayer, and others asking for the achievements related to the online modes to be removed for the sake of completing the game.

Firaxis is best known as the devs behind the XCOM series, as well as Cid Meier’s Civilization. Currently the strategy developer is working on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, an XCOM style game featuring various characters from the world of Marvel. The game was first revealed at Gamescom 2021, though had been leaked previously. It was originally meant to launch last year, but was delayed to the latter half of 2022 last November.

In other news, Ukraine has asked Xbox and Playstation to “temporarily block all Russian and Belorussian accounts” in response to Russia invading the country.

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