‘XCOM 3’ still happening at Firaxis despite ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’

"These things that 'XCOM 3' aren’t necessarily about that we can do with this IP are incredibly exciting"

Firaxis has reassured fans that XCOM 3 is still in the developer’s future despite the upcoming release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Firaxis project lead Garth DeAngelis reassured fans that the XCOM franchise isn’t going anywhere, but it was just that Marvel’s Midnight Suns which now has an October release date – was “too good” to pass up.

“We just had this opportunity that was placed on our lap, it’s totally natural to say, where else can we go? And frankly, that’s a blessing. That’s a good problem to have,” explained DeAngelis.


It was Midnight Suns’ creative director Jake Solomon’s love for the original Midnight Sons Marvel comic that spurred the team into action. “We can explore new territory that’s exciting,” said DeAngelis, “these things that XCOM 3 aren’t necessarily about that we can do with this IP are incredibly exciting. We can blaze new ground there.”

DeAngelis then made sure to assure XCOM fans again that the series isn’t going anywhere when he said: “We love it. There’s absolutely a future for it. But this was just an opportunity that’s too good to pass up.”

Solomon expressed his love for the supernatural superhero property in an interview with NME last year, when he explained: “There was an awesome Ghost Rider run in the early 90s that brought in this awesome supernatural event. This event was, in my opinion, never exceeded, called Rise of the Midnight Sons.”

Firaxis XCOM 2 screenshot
XCOM 2 Credit: 2K Games

“It was very, very cool, Solomon continued. “It featured a villain called Lilith, mother of demons. She’s such a cool villain, and so it had this great cast of characters that pulled all these supernatural heroes from across the Marvel Universe. Quite frankly, at the time Lilith was new and she had these demonic children, and it really stuck with me.”


Earlier today (June 9) at Summer Game Fest, a new trailer showcased the Marvel’s Midnight Suns October release date, alongside the reveal that characters like Spider-Man and Venom will be in the game too.

In other news, the Summer Game Fest showcase just ended, and you can find out about all of the biggest reveals and updates here.

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