‘XDefiant’ closed beta may be extended due to technical issues

"I'm bummed that we've had so many issues," wrote the game's director

Ubisoft has shared that it may extend the ongoing beta for XDefiant, following a number of issues that have made playing the shooter difficult.

XDefiant‘s closed beta kicked off for selected participants last Thursday (April 13), but technical errors, maintenance downtime and server issues have meant the shooter has not been wholly playable.

In response, Mark Rubin, game director and executive producer at Ubisoft’s San Francisco studio, has revealed a “full server/config replacement” is being carried out and may result in the beta being extended. (via The Loadout).


Currently, PC and PS5 versions of XDefiant have received the update and are seeing “better performance overall” despite “outlier” issues. Today (April 17), Rubin shared that Ubisoft is hoping to hear from Microsoft tomorrow (April 18) regarding XDefiant‘s Xbox patch.

Although the beta was originally meant to end on April 23 (April 24 in the UK), these changes could see the testing period extended.

“If all goes well and the servers finally gain some stability then I think we should look at extending the Beta but I have to see what that would mean for team,” wrote Rubin, who also acknowledged the beta’s rocky rollout.

“I know this is a beta and it’s good to get all of these issues out of the way now rather than later but I still really wanted everyone to just have a great time and I’m bummed that we’ve had so many issues,” shared the producer.


NME‘s preview of XDefiant found some “frustrating” server issues plaguing the beta, and described its current iteration as a “big dumb fun shooter that just doesn’t feel all that fun”.

In other gaming news, Sega has announced that it is acquiring Angry Birds developer Rovio for £624million, and plans to bring more of its games to mobile platforms.

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