‘Zelda’ Space World 1997 demo playable thanks to modders

The Ocarina of Time demo can now be downloaded by fans

A playable version of the old 1997 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time demo has been released by a group of dedicated fans.

As spotted by Kotaku, Ocarina of Time – Spaceworld ‘97 Experience is a fully-fledged, built from the ground up recreation of the game as it was shown at Space World before its release.

According to a page explaining the Zelda recreation, “since this project aims to restore an experience that was originally a demo, it cannot be completed from start-to-finish like the final game. Instead, three gameplay “tours” featured in the original Spaceworld 1997 demo are available to choose from, each showcasing various unique flavors of gameplay.”


You can see a trailer for the release below:

The assets for this stripped-back version of Ocarina of Time came from both the “overdump” and the “Gigaleak”, with the former concerning a F-Zero X development cartridge. It held 32 MB of data, whilst the game is only 16 MB, and it was discovered that the other half contained a Zelda prototype, which “provided the basis for this project’s conception”.

The “Gigaleak” from mid-2020 then gave another significant amount of assets and details used to bring the Ocarina Of Time project together.

“Since no code whatsoever was present within the overdump, all restored features had to be based on old gameplay footage, screenshots, reports by the press, unused Gigaleak code, and/or leftover (but unused) code from the final game,” it’s added.


In other lost Nintendo news, Microsoft revealed a letter from 1999 where it was attempting to buy the Zelda creator before it had the Xbox. Apparently “[Nintendo] just laughed their asses off” at the proposal from Microsoft at the time.

Elsewhere, ESA has joined Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation in condemning reports of sexual misconduct within Activision Blizzard. The E3 organiser said that “Any allegation needs to be acknowledged, thoroughly investigated, and addressed with meaningful consequences”.

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