Greatest Hits share new single and music video ‘Trying’

The third single from the Australian-UK trio

Greatest Hits have shared their latest single, ‘Trying’, alongside an accompanying music video.

The clip was filmed at various locales around Maryborough, Queensland, and was co-directed by the band and Benjamin Robson. Watch it below:


Per a press release, ‘Trying’ “takes the perspective of someone who fully embraces the challenge of trying to measure up to somebody else’s version of success”.

“After returning to Australia, I found myself having conversations with people I hadn’t spoken to in ages and started noticing a subtle undertone in their questions,” said frontman Ryan Cooper in a statement.

“It lead [sic] me to realise that way too often, people are measured according to some ‘success metric’, rather than WHO and HOW they are.”

On the visual, Cooper explained he wanted the video have a “luxury feel”, with the restriction of using only second-hand, borrowed or personal items.

“We liked how this parallels with the relentless attempt to make things appear better than they actually are,” he said.


‘Trying’ is the third single from the band, following ‘Mortals’ and their last single, ‘Phil, Slow It Down’, which dropped last month. Greatest Hits currently perform as a trio, consisting of Ryan Cooper, Chelsea Foley and Henry Chatham.