GUM shares live performance of ‘Out In The World’

The performance takes place entirely within his living room

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist GUM — real name Jay Watson — today (April 15) shared a new live video of himself performing the track ‘Out In The World’. Watson is a member of both Tame Impala and POND, but releases his solo work under the GUM moniker.

The video was premiered Under The Radar. Watch it below:


In an interview with Under The Radar, Watson said he was currently quarantined with his family and four-month-old son in Perth. He also mentioned his daily routine in isolation is “not too different to what I normally do when I’m at home and not on tour”.

“I basically wake up, go for a run, and then work on music when I have free time until dinner,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Watson said he had “no idea what the lasting effects of this [isolation] would be”.

“It is impossible to speculate, like everything with this virus. I think and hope maybe some people will get to sort of reset their lives and bodies and mental health to some extent. A bit of a ‘glow-up’ if you will.”

‘Out In The World’ was released on March 17 and is GUM’s first new music since the release of his fourth studio album, ‘The Underdog’, in 2018.


Watson said the song is “about wanting to give up and never talk to anyone ever again after something goes wrong”.

“Some people have that feeling all the time — it’s crippling and isolating. It’s not possible for all, but for me, I force myself to go out again, or get on stage, or do whatever it is I have to do to keep moving on.”

Recently, Watson performed for the third rendition of the ISOL-AID festival, alongside other artists like John Butler, Claire Bowditch and Meg Mac. The festival aims to raise funds for Support Act, a crisis relief charity for workers in the arts sector.