How to watch Summer Games Done Quick 2021

A week-long stream of speedruns starts today

The annual charity speed-running event known as Summer Games Done Quick starts today (June 4).

Players from across the world will stream speed-runs of video games over the internet while raising money for charity. In previous years, the event has taken place in a physical venue with attendee numbers in the tens of thousands.

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 will take place completely online this year, because of the ongoing COVID pandemic. Speedrunners will stream the event from the comfort of their homes to viewers on Twitch and YouTube.


This year’s event will raise money for Doctors Without Borders, which provides medical assistance to those dealing with conflict, epidemics, disasters, and those without access to healthcare.

How to watch Summer Games Done Quick 2021

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 officially started at 4:30pm (BST) today with a pre-show kicking everything off. The first speedrun of the day is an any per cent run of Dragon Age: Inquisition which starts at 5pm (BST).

You can catch Summer Games Done Quick 2021 through the embedded video above, or by clicking here. A full breakdown of the schedule can be found on the organisation’s website. It will automatically adjust times to your location, ensuring you have an accurate schedule available wherever you are in the world.

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 starts today (June 4) and runs through until next Sunday (June 11). Each day will feature a number of speedruns, and will last 24-hours a day across each day.

Runs to watch out for

Each SGDQ event features a number of specific runs to watch out for, this year is no different. Most games typically require speedrunners to reach the end state, with some differences between percentages complete.


There are runs which add unusual modifiers, increasing both the difficulty for the player and the tension for those watching. Speedrunner Bubzia will attempt a blindfolded 70 star run of Super Mario 64, which is as ridiculous as it sounds. Bubzia’s previous run at Autumn Games Done Quickly 2021 can be seen below.

Other notable runs include frozenflygone’s Celeste custom maps run, thestrangepie’s 100 per cent Outer Wilds run and Link: The Faces Of Evil run which sees Grumpmeister taking on the notorious Zelda CDI game.

Elsewhere, a new PUBG cinematic teaser for the Tageo update features Train To Busan actor Don Lee.

The actor also starred in a live-action PUBG short titled Ground Zero, which introduced the story for the Tageo update.