Kylie Minogue says she still hasn’t had “the Glastonbury experience”

"I need to do it as a rite of passage"

Kylie Minogue has said she still hasn’t had “the Glastonbury experience”, despite performing at the festival this year.

The pop star played in the coveted legends slot during this summer’s Glastonbury, 14 years after she was forced to cancel a headline slot after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking with comedian Alan Carr for the Guardian, Minogue has reflected on her appearance at Worthy Farm, including unfinished business with the festival. “In a way, I still haven’t had the Glastonbury experience of being there overnight, roaming around, seeing everything,” she said.


“I still feel like I have to do it, as a rite of passage. I’ll probably be more like your picture; I don’t think I’ll be able to manage it like the cool girls. In fact, maybe I’ll retract my former statement: I should go with you and we can get real sloshy together.”

When Carr suggested next year’s legends slot performer Diana Ross had a “hard act to follow”, Minogue replied: “People ask me about [my 2019 performance] all the time, and I wish I had a neat little tagline, but a portion of it is a blur. I’d have to watch it again to really go: ‘Oh yeah, we did that’ or ‘We stuffed that bit up’, or ‘That was good.’ It’s sensory overload.”

She added that she was so nervous about the set that she couldn’t even say the festival’s name in the build-up to the event, opting to refer to it as “the short show” instead. “We had to make [it] 75 minutes,” she explained of the alias. “I had everyone going: ‘You can’t go over,’ except for Chris Martin saying, ‘Do whatever you want!’ Then I had to think about how I was going to address ‘it’: me being there when I had to cancel so long ago.”

Earlier this year, the star had reflected on her set at Glastonbury 2019, saying it “wasn’t good enough”. “My reaction was so at odds with the response and the reception it got,” she said. “I hadn’t done it as well as I wanted. I’ve always been so hypercritical. Was this supposed to be the pinnacle of my career? It’s not good enough. I’m better than that.”