Lil Wayne shares epic video for ‘Funeral’ track ‘Thug Life’

The rapper recently hinted that the next album in his 'Tha Carter' series is finished

Lil Wayne has dropped a new video for ‘Funeral’ track ‘Thug Life’.

The song, which features Young Money artists Jay Jones and Gudda Gudda, features on the deluxe edition of his recent album, which the rapper shared this year, without any warning in February. You can watch the video below.

Since the release of ‘Funeral’ in February, Wayne has also released a reworked version of his free 2015 album ‘Free Weezy Album’ onto streaming services.



Reviewing ‘Funeral’ upon its release earlier this year, NME wrote: “Some may call the playful immaturity a weakness, but the most successful moments of ‘Funeral’ see Lil Wayne leaning into being a big kid.

“You should let Wayne be Wayne and enjoy the ride, but just make sure you brace yourself for a few uncomfortable bumps along the way.”

Meanwhile, the rapper recently hinted that the next album in his ‘Tha Carter’ series is finished, and could be set to arrive soon. ‘Tha Carter V’ was released in 2018.


When asked which ‘Tha Carter’ album was his favourite, he replied: “My favourite ‘Carter’ album is the next one,” hinting that it could be arriving soon.”

He also recently admitted that he googles his own songs prior to writing new material, in order to avoid repeating lyrics.