Australia’s largest touring companies urge government for financial relief

Live Nation, TEG, Chugg Entertainment and Frontier Touring claim they've lost six months worth of revenue

Australia’s largest touring companies have submitted a joint letter to the government requesting financial support for the sector amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As The Music originally reported, Live Nation, TEG, Chugg Entertainment and Frontier Touring have requested $650million to provide relief for the small businesses and contractors that help put live entertainment events together. The aforementioned entertainment companies were behind a substantial number of tours whose artists were recently forced to cancel or postpone, including Tame Impala, KOTA The Friend and Marc Rebillet. In the letter, the companies say they’ve lost all revenue for at least the next six months.

“We also lost the money we had already spent on shows that can no longer proceed due to the ban. In addition to our own industry, our shows also extensively support the tourism, transport and hospitality industry across Australia,” the companies wrote in the letter.


“As industry leaders we want to ensure the survival of the many small and medium-sized businesses that support our industry so that we can continue to make a significant contribution to the Australian economy when we eventually emerge from this crisis.

“In addition to the many small businesses we rely on to run our events, there are thousands of sole traders, from tour managers and production managers to drivers, who completely rely on us for a regular income.”

This letter is the latest in a number of submissions from arts organisations urging the government to take action. On March 26, more than 100 arts organisations requested the government aim for a $2billion stimulus package for the industry. Prior to that, on March 20, I Lost My Gig called for a $750million relief package.