‘Lovecraft Country’ costume designer reveals hidden William and Christina Easter eggs

Dayna Pink speaks to NME about hints viewers may have missed

Lovecraft Country‘s costume designer Dayna Pink has opened-up about subtle Easter eggs that viewers may have missed.

The acclaimed HBO horror drama premiered over the summer to acclaim, and follows a young African-American as he journeys across the southern US in the 1950s, encountering racism and real-life monsters.

Speaking to NME, Pink opened-up about Easter eggs that she used within costumes to help tell the story, namely subtle hints in the costumes of Christina Braithwhite (Abbey Lee) and William (Jordan Patrick Smith) and their interconnectedness as the former assumes the latter’s form.


“We did a bunch with William and Christina, they share some pieces of clothing,” she explained. “And some of his elements were very feminine and her’s were very masculine. So there was that.”

Elaborating, Pink said: “I had this shirt on William, and I Instagrammed a picture of it so you can see what it is – its a very simple white shirt, Naples-styles, so it means there’s ruffle, like a very beautiful shoulder, its a very feminine shoulder and a big collar.

“Its a very simple, white buttoned-up shirt, but if you look at it – and in the scene he gets dressed – but if you look at that shirt it’s very feminine. It’s not that its a woman’s shirt, but to me that was a big hint.

Lovecraft Country Christina
‘Lovecraft Country’ Christina. CREDIT: HBO

“And we have a similar piece on Christina, they shared a scarf on an ascot, so there are pieces like that. She has shorts and a polo shirt that she’s wearing with brogues. There’s a robe that Ruby, Christina and William wore. So they all share.”


Explaining how she worked with showrunner Misha Green in establishing the links, Pink said: “I’m sure there was a moment that we talked about it… we were all on the same page of passing things back and forth and making a little Easter egg there.”

NME wrote in a three-star review of Lovecraft Country: “This transcendent piece of television too regularly gets tangled up in its own weirdness.

“After a memorable first episode, Lovecraft Country never quite decides what it wants to be, and as a result, it’s difficult to imagine what kind of outcome these characters may stumble upon by the very end.”

‘Lovecraft Country’ is available to Digitally Download now and on Blu-ray and DVD from February 22

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