Mandy Moore calls Ryan Adams’ public apology “curious” being he hasn’t apologised privately

Adams' ex-wife says she hasn't heard from him and isn't "looking for an apology necessarily"

Mandy Moore has spoken out about her ex-husband Ryan Adams‘ recent public apology, calling it “curious” because he hasn’t yet apologised in private.

Back in February 2019, Adams denied claims from several women – including one who was underage at the time – of emotional and psychological abuse, harassment, inappropriate and manipulative behaviour.

In a letter penned to the Daily Mail and published on Friday (July 4), Adams apologised for how he has “mistreated people” and claims he now seeking professional help following the allegations after a period of “isolation.”

“All I can say is that I’m sorry. It’s that simple,” he said. “This period of isolation and reflection made me realize that I needed to make significant changes in my life.

“I’ve gotten past the point where I would be apologizing just for the sake of being let off the hook and I know full well that any apology from me probably won’t be accepted by those I’ve hurt. I get that and I also understand that there’s no going back.”

Appearing as a guest on NBC’s morning talk show Today, Moore (who was married to Adams from 2009-2015) was asked if she believed that he had changed. “It’s challenging because I feel like in many ways I’ve said all I want to say about him and that situation,” she responded, “but I find it curious that someone would make a public apology but not do it privately.”

Ryan Adams
Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams were married from 2009-2015. CREDIT: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

She added: “I am speaking for myself, but I have not heard from him, and I’m not looking for an apology necessarily, but I do find it curious that someone would do an interview about it without actually making amends privately.”

Last year, the singer and actress, who is currently starring in the hit series This Is Us, elaborated on her relationship with Adams in an interview, admitting that the pair had a “unhealthy dynamic” during their marriage.

“I was living my life for him,” Moore said on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. “It [was] an entirely unhealthy dynamic. I had no sense of self.”

She continued: “I felt like I was drowning. It was so untenable and unsustainable and it was so lonely. I was so sad. I was lonely with him.”

Moore also said she knew that their relationship couldn’t “sustain itself” while she was busy working, and seemingly implied that Adams’ allegedly controlling behaviour had led her to take on smaller projects.

Karen Elson responds to Ryan Adams
Karen Elson has also commented on Adams’ apology. Credit: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

“I would do little jobs. It’s not like I completely stopped working. I would do things here or there, but it would become abundantly clear while I was working, things would completely fall apart at home,” she explained.

“I couldn’t do my job because there was a constant stream of trying to pay attention to this person who needed me and wouldn’t let me do anything else.”

Yesterday, singer and model Karen Elson spoke out about Ryan Adams‘ apology, saying the disgraced musician needs to “contact women he has hurt” privately.

In a series of tweets, Elson said that while she “believe[s] in redemption and amends even for him,” Adams “has not reached out to me since 2018 to apologize for his terrible behaviour.”

“In fact back then he called me a liar which added more pain and made me disillusioned with the entire music industry,” she continued.

“I would like to hope he would contact women he has hurt via his representatives to apologize privately and give us the opportunity to speak our truth on all the ways his actions caused suffering and for him to listen and try to make amends. That said I hope he’s listening now.”