Miley Cyrus says she left the church after gay friends were sent to conversion therapy

The singer discussed her relationship with religion on her Bright Minded series with Hailey Bieber

Miley Cyrus has said she stopped going to church when she was growing up after some of her friends were sent to “conversion therapy”.

The star talked about her relationship with religion with Hailey Bieber on her new Bright Minded series, which she launched to entertain fans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Bieber, Cyrus shared how she had been brought up Christian in Tennessee in the ‘90s, calling it a “less accepting time”.


“I had some gay friends in school that – the reason I kind of left my church is because they weren’t being accepted,” she explained. “They were being sent to conversion therapy and I had a really hard time with that.”

The singer also said the attitudes of those in the church gave her “a hard time” when it came to finding her own sexuality too. Cyrus came out as pansexual in 2015.

Bieber said that she also “had a hard time too with church making people feel excluded and not accepted and like they can’t be a part of it because of what they believe in or who they love or who they don’t love or whatever it may be”. Watch the pair’s conversation above now.

Earlier this month, Cyrus gave an update on her next album, saying some of it was “super rock and roll”. “Kind of like Joan Jett vibes to it, just bringing back rock n roll,” she said. “I currently have my dad’s haircut, I’m excited to bring that also.”