100 Gecs discuss collaborating with Fall Out Boy on new album: “We were like, beautiful”

"Here's the thing with Fall Out Boy, it never stopped hitting"

100 Gecs have discussed collaborating with Fall Out Boy on their new remix album.

The pop-punk band appear on a new version of ‘hand crushed by a mallet’, which features on Gecs’ new album ‘1000 Gecs & the Tree of Clues’, a remixed version of their 2019 album ‘1000 Gecs’.

Speaking to NME about the new link-up, the duo’s Laura Les said: “We had a meeting or we’d just met up with Pete [Wentz] talked, and he was asking us would we possibly want to do something, just being very vague.


“We were like, yeah, yeah, totally, we’re both fans. And then just days later we just got a text message with a Zip folder of Patrick Stump vocals we were like, beautiful.”

Speaking of her enduring love of Fall Out Boy, Les added: “I was just a dork. I just liked Limewire and downloading shit. I bumped like the same five Fall Out Boy songs that everybody did.

“But over time I have grown into a bigger Fall Out Boy fan for sure than I was when I was in sixth grade. ‘Dance, Dance’ was still hitting though. I was like, I love that.”

“It still hits to this day,” Gecs’ Dylan Brady added, before Laura affirmed: “It never stopped hitting is the thing. Here’s the thing with Fall Out Boy, it never stopped hitting.”


Reviewing ‘1000 Gecs & the Tree of Clues’, which also features the likes of Charli XCX, Tommy Cash and Hannah Diamond, NME wrote: “No sound is off limits in the glitchy, genre-splicing world of 100 Gecs: Dylan Brady and Laura Les filter jarring sonics into a DIY blender to see what undefinable concoction materialises,” adding that the album provides “an exhilarating snapshot of pop’s alternative future”.

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