1300 are all-stars on their new single, ‘Smashmouth’

The group claim the song is like "coming up on an MDMA peak"

Western Sydney hip-hop collective 1300 have dropped their third single, entitled ‘Smashmouth’.

The track, released today (August 12), follows the group’s debut single ‘Brr’ in January and ‘No Caller ID’ in March. Like their two previous singles, ‘Smashmouth’ sees the group rapping in both Korean and in English. Beatmakers Nerdie and pokari.sweat oversaw the single’s production with Pleasure Coma’s Caleb Tasker.

An accompanying music video has also been released for the single, created by production collective VIDEOHEAD. The clip features the members of 1300 and their friends having a house party, which eventually shifts into visuals inspired by the aesthetic of Windows XP.


Watch it below:

In a press statement, 1300 explained that their game-plan for the single was to “maximise [their] expression in 3 minutes”.

“When we perform this song live, the audience feels like they’re coming up on an MDMA peak,” they said.

“They eat it up, it’s a real moment and we live for it.”


The group also noted their design of the song’s structure was to emphasise the strengths of the collective, both in regards to their rappers and their producers.

“The instrumental supports the vocalists’ individual energy and personality, so it naturally shifts and moves,” they said.

“We really, really, really don’t want you to get bored listening to this song, so we made sure that could never happen.”