1300 return with supercharged new single ‘Oldboy’

Inspired by the 2003 Korean film of the same name

Korean-Australian outfit 1300 (pronounced one-three-hundred) have returned with their first new music of the year, in the form of supercharged single ‘Oldboy’.

Released today (February 4), the cut marries hyper-pop elements, rapid-fire bars and hip-hop basslines to create a dynamic result, with the outfit jumping seamlessly between Korean and English lyrics.

It arrived alongside an accompanying music video, directed by Raghav Rampal and shot by VIDEOHEAD. The clip plays on the Korean film Oldboy that influenced the song, with the outfit putting their spin on scenes from the 2003 thriller. Watch it below.


“Our main goal with this video was to pay homage to the 2003 original Oldboy by Park Chan-wook, but 1300-ify it,” the outfit said in a press statement.

“The movie is so iconic and stylised, and has a lot of jaw-dropping scenes, so our approach was to pick the scenes we thought were the most iconic, and put each rapper into those scenes, as if they’re Oh Dae-su, so it would feel like the movie.

“The team (Tara, Elle, Maggie & Elijah) put a lot of work into re-creating the locations, costume and make-up for the perfect 1300-to-Oldboy balance, which all came alive through Tom’s cinematography, and Adam’s editing. It was also just the funnest shoot we’ve all had!”

It follows on from the Western-Sydney-based collective’s spate of 2021 singles, including ‘Smashmouth’, ‘Brr’ and ‘No Caller ID’.

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