Listen to Ninajirachi remix 1300’s ‘Smashmouth’

The rap collective also released a remix by the band's own beatmaker, Nerdie

Sydney-based Korean-Australian rap collective 1300 have shared a pair of remixes for their latest single ‘Smashmouth’ – one by producer Ninajirachi and another by the group’s own Nerdie.

Ninajirachi’s version switches up the breezy, swaggering energy of the original for a more dancefloor-friendly BPM, replete with hyperactive electronic drums and airhorn synths. In a statement, the producer said the remix was “a fun lockdown project” that helped her “get out of a creative rut”.

Nerdie’s rework, meanwhile, opens up with an abrasive buzzsaw bass pattern and doesn’t let up from there, incorporating crystalline synths and 808 claps throughout. “This one’s for the ravers,” the beatmaker explains.


Listen to both remixes below:

The original version of ‘Smashmouth’ arrived back in August on Nina Las Vegas‘ NLV Records. It marked the group’s third track for the year, following on from debut single ‘Brr’ in January and ‘No Caller ID’ in March.

“With Smashmouth, we try to maximise our expression in 3 minutes. The song is structured in a way where the instrumental supports the vocalist’s individual energy and personality, so it naturally shifts and moves with the artists. There are 4 of us on vocal duty, and 2 on production,” the collective explained when releasing ‘Smashmouth’.

“When we perform this song live, the audience feels like they’re coming up on an MDMA peak… They eat it up, it’s a real moment and we live for it. We really, really, really don’t want you to get bored listening to this song, so we made sure that could never happen.”


Earlier this month, the outfit released their own remix of Payday and Danny Brown‘s collaboration ‘Vampire’.

Ninajirachi, meanwhile, has had a string of collaborations over the last year, teaming up with Lucianblomkamp on ‘Die4u’ and Oh Boy for ‘viBrAte’ last month. Prior to that, she linked up with Kota Banks for the pair’s collaborative ‘True North’ EP.