2PM recall incident when stalker fans broke into their hotel room: “I started swearing like crazy”

“Then they suddenly began swearing at me too”

2PM member Taecyeon recently opened up about an incident where stalkers fans broke into their hotel room while they were asleep.

The South Korean singer-actor recalled the incident during his appearance on a recent episode of the South Korean variety show Ask Us Anything, Taecyeon shared that he and fellow member Chansung, who were sharing the hotel room, were asleep in the buff when the stalker fans (known as sasaeng fans in Korean) barged in

“When we went to Singapore for a concert, we stayed in a hotel, and Chansung and I shared a room. But the thing is, Chansung and I don’t wear any clothing when we sleep,” he said, as translated by Soompi. “I suddenly heard the sound of a hotel card key beeping and the door opening. Then I heard the sound of about five or six female voices giggling quietly.”


“So I was thinking to myself, ‘Did they enter the wrong room by accident? What is this? What’s going on?’ My heart was pounding in my ears,” Taecyeon added, saying that he began “swearing like crazy” when he locked eyes with the intruders. “Then they suddenly began swearing at me too,” he shared.

Chansung, who was asleep at the time, noted that he was awoken by the ruckus. “Taecyeon was cursing so much that I woke up asking, ‘What is it? What’s going on?’ Then I screamed because there were people standing in front of me. I was so shocked,” he said

“It seemed like fans had used a key card to get into our room,” said Taecyeon. The fans presumably left the scene after the incident, and the two 2PM member later told the hotel what had happened. He shared that the hotel later gifted them champagne as an apology for the intrusion.

The members did not share when the incident took place or which hotel they had been staying at. However, Singaporean daily The Straits Times speculates that it may have occurred when boyband held a concert in Singapore in November 2011.

The six-member boyband recently made their long-awaited comeback with their seventh studio album ‘Must’, which is the group’s first release in nearly five years. The record dropped alongside a music video for the title track ‘Make It’.