30/70 share ‘Fluid Motion’ remixes EP, featuring Saul, Close Counters and more

Five tracks from the 2019 album 'Fluid Motion' get the remix treatment

Melbourne future-jazz collective 30/70 have released a remixes EP of songs from their 2019 LP ‘Fluid Motion’.

The five-track ‘Fluid Motion: Remixed’ release features a mix of local and international guests, including Rhythm Section labelmates SAUL and Athlete Whippet. Tasmania’s Close Counters, Maxwell Owin and Setwun from the Solomon Islands also appear.

Listen to or purchase the EP via Bandcamp below.


In a press statement, Athlete Whippet said 30/70’s original recordings were “brilliant”.

“Rhythm Section have introduced quite a few great artists from AUS here in the UK by now and it’s been extra nice doing a cross-wordly collaboration for the first time,” they said.

Close Counters spoke about how they and 30/70’s worlds had been “intertwined by the soul of Melbourne” through jams and overlapping side projects, ZFEX and Horatio Luna/Luna Exchange. They remixed ‘Impermanence’ for the new EP.

“[Our remix] journeys from the original grittier Bruk feel to a steady-chugging dance floor number. An ode to the sweaty festivals and D-floors of Summer ‘19,” Close Counters said.


30/70 released their first ever live album in July, ‘Live At La Defénse’, recorded in Paris on their ‘Fluid Motion’ album tour last year. In April, they recorded a set for Boiler Room.

The tracklist of 30/70’s ‘Fluid Motion: Remixed’ EP is: 

  1. ‘N.Y.P.’ (SAUL Remix)
  2. ‘Tempted’ (Athlete Whippet Remix)
  3. ‘Impermanence’ (Close Counters Remix)
  4. ‘Fluid Motion’ (Setwun Remix)
  5. ‘Tempted’ (Maxwell Owin Blind Faith Remix)

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