50 Cent announces “modern” ‘8 Mile’ TV series with Eminem’s blessing

The Snoop Dogg-featuring 'Murder Was The Case' TV series is also underway once more

50 Cent has announced plans to create a “modern” version of Eminem’s semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile.

Released in 2002, 8 Mile starred Eminem as aspiring rapper B-Rabbit, alongside Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy and Anthony Mackie. It was a critical and commercial success, and the accompanying soundtrack featured Eminem’s iconic track ‘Lose Yourself’.

In a new interview, 50 Cent announced plans to retell the story. “I’m going to bring [Eminem’s] 8 Mile to television,” he told Big Boy TV before confirming that Eminem knew about the project.


“It should be there for his legacy,” 50 Cent continued, saying that people needed that story to “understand” the music. “It’s really the culture losing its colour, for everyone to feel like they enjoy it and appreciate [Black music]. They see someone who’s accepted and respected, it makes them feel part of it too.”

50 Cent then said he wanted to make a “modern version” of 8 Mile, comparing it to the recent Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air reboot. “I want to show and offer a lot more details, things that you would say in an interview or different things that you put out there. You’ll see those things surface in the temperament of the characters,” he said.

“It’s going to be big. I ain’t got no duds,” he added.

Last year, 50 Cent said that Eminem hasn’t been given enough credit for his impact on the world of hip hop.

Elsewhere in his Big Boy TV interview, 50 Cent confirmed that his Snoop Dogg TV series was in the works once more, after announcing last year it wouldn’t be going ahead due to the network dropping “the damn ball”.


Announced in 2021, A Moment In Time: Murder Was The Case is an anthology series focusing on the criminal events that occur behind the scenes of hip-hop history. The series was to be set in 1993, during the time of Snoop’s trial for the murder of Phili Woldermariam, a rival gang member who was killed by Snoop’s bodyguard, McKinley Lee. Both Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus) and Lee were found not guilty of first and second-degree murder charges.

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 Cent revealed that following Dr Dre’s Super Bowl halftime show (which featured a surprise appearance from 50 Cent alongside Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige) he was approached about playing the FIFA World Cup.

He claims he was offered $9million (£7.4million) for the one-off show, with Eminem set to receive an $8million (£6.6million) cut – however Eminem’s longtime manager, Paul Rosenberg, reportedly turned it down.

Last year, 50 Cent revealed that he spent $23million (£18.9million) on legal fees throughout his career.

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