808s & Greatest Hits announce new album, share single ‘Abduction’

'Greatest Hits II' is out December 11

Melbourne psych band 808s & Greatest Hits have returned to announce their second album, ‘Greatest Hits II’.

The record sees the project – ostensibly the solo recording venture of Skube Burnell – expand to involve the help of producer and engineer Dylan Young. Burnell started working on ‘Greatest Hits II’ while recording his 2019 debut album as 808s, ‘Cabin Vibes’.

The band have also shared the new record’s first single, ‘Abduction’. The tune is a rambling and murky piece of psych-prog, a slight departure from the airy ’60s psych-rock of their first album.


Listen to it below.

In a press statement, Burnell said the lyrics are about alien abduction.

“I’ve experienced some sleep paralysis over the years which lend themselves to the imagination and I once had a vivid dream about being beamed out of my bed and being pulled out of the house through the wall. The lyrics were also inspired by Whitley Strieber’s book Communion which conjured some kooky imagery,” he said.

‘Greatest Hits II’ will be released on December 11 via Our Golden Friend, with cassette pre-orders now open.

The tracklist of ‘Greatest Hits II’ is:


1. ’Deep Scene’
2. ’Abduction’
3. ’Fool Around’
4. ’Monster Mash’
5. ’Maslow’s Pyramid’
6. ’Connecting Flight’
7. ’Super Sentimental’
8. ’Peanut Future’