90ivy drop groove-laden breakup anthem ‘Now Or Later’

The band described it as their “happy-sad take on a breakup song”

Sydney indie-pop outfit 90ivy – formerly known as The Flowers – have returned with a summery new single titled ‘Now Or Later’, landing as the first track they’ve shared since renaming in August.

Produced by Peter Holz (best known for his work with the likes of Gang Of Youths, Vance Joy and Peking Duk), the track shines with bright, glassy electric guitar noodling, funky bass and an explosive chorus.

Take a look at the lyric video for ‘Now Or Later’ below:


In a press release, singer Agnes O’Dwyer described the new track as 90ivy’s “happy-sad take on a breakup song”, nothing their penchant for “exploring contrast” in their music: “This track is a good example of that as we juxtapose upbeat melodies and instrumentation with storytelling centred around heartbreak,” she said.

“The track came together so organically. Tom just started playing around with this bouncy, syncopated bass line during one of our jam sessions. It immediately caught all of our attention, and everyone stopped what they were doing to figure the song out.

“Liam came up with his infectious, 1975-esque riff almost immediately and the verse and chorus lines came to me on the spot, which very rarely happens.”

Having performed as The Flowers since 2019, 90ivy reintroduced themselves on social media last month, noting that they had “some exciting things planned”. The band also reissued their debut EP, ‘The Flowers’, that same month.

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