Adalita shares comeback single ‘Dazzling’, details third solo album and launch shows

Her first album in nine years explores "universal themes of obsessive love, the inner void and reclaiming of the self”

Adalita has returned with her first solo release in nearly a decade, sharing a poignant new single titled ‘Dazzling’ alongside the news of her third studio album, and a pair of shows to launch it at the end of the year.

In a press release, the Magic Dirt frontwoman noted the way ‘Dazzling’ sounds unique to her previous material, pointing out that the song “was a surprise to me when I wrote it”. She described it as having been “a constant companion [to her] for the last nine years,” being “one of the songs that took the longest to record”.

Have a look at the music video for ‘Dazzling’, helmed by Adam Harding, below:


‘Dazzling’ will appear on Adalita’s forthcoming third solo album, ‘Inland’, which is due out on December 2 via Liberation Records. It comes over nine years since her last effort, ‘All Day Venus’, which she delivered in September of 2013.

On the album’s genesis, she said: “It’s been a really intense and enlightening few years of exploration into these universal themes of obsessive love, the inner void and reclaiming of the self.”

As for why it’s taken so long for Adalita to complete a new solo album, she said that “it didn’t become apparent until I was well into the recording that [making ‘Inland’] was going to be a mammoth task”, and there were several points throughout the process where she “thought about giving up”. Nevertheless, she continued, “I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved. I also feel an immense sense of relief that it’s finally finished.”

See the cover art and tracklisting for ‘Inland’ below, then find pre-orders for it here.


1. ‘Private Feeling’
2. ‘Equations’
3. ‘Dazzling’
4. ‘Savage Heart’
5. ‘Hit Me’
6. ‘Listened Hard’
7. ‘Tropic’
8. ‘Blue Smoke’
9. ‘Missed You’
10. ‘Abandoned Houses’

The video for ‘Dazzling’ also mark the first in a series of visuals she minted with Harding, which saw the pair film in idyllic locations like Charlton and Lake Tyrrell. On the concept, Adalita said: “As I’m listening to the music, I’m also dreaming up the accompanying visuals, which for me is a huge part of bringing the album to life.

“The shooting schedule was intense. We put our shoulder to the wheel every day for six weeks, we were totally in our element.”

Adalita will launch ‘Inland’ with two headline shows at the start of December. She’ll preempt the album’s release with a gig at Sydney’s Vanguard on Thursday December 1, before celebrating the release day at the Brunswick Ballroom in Melbourne. Find tickets for both shows here.

Meanwhile, Magic Dirt will perform a sold-out headline show in Melbourne tomorrow (September 22), followed by an Adelaide show on Saturday October 8 (tickets for which can be found here). They’ll also perform at the Spring Loaded festival in Wollongong on Saturday October 22, and at the inaugural Tent Pole in Geelong next March.