Adele calls Sydney’s ANZ Stadium the most intimidating venue she’s ever played

She played two nights at the venue in 2017, amassing a total of almost 200,000 attendees

Adele has revealed that the venue that has intimidated her more than any other was Sydney’s ANZ Stadium, which she performed at during her most recent world tour.

In a new interview as part of Vogue‘s popular ’73 Questions’ series, director Joe Sabia asked Adele: “Which venue was the most intimidating or terrifying to perform in?”

Adele responded with Sydney’s ANZ Stadium, where she played two shows in early 2017, due to the show’s high attendance of “100,000 people”.


Watch the full interview below.

The pair of shows in question actually broke the record for most attended concerts ever at the venue, with attendance between both shows totalling at over 190,000 people. A record she still holds, her concerts also marked the most people in attendance at the venue for any event since the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The high attendance is in part because of her show’s setup, otherwise called ‘In The Round’, where she performed on a circular stage in the centre of the stadium allowing for more seats, on both the floor and in the stands, at every angle.

Watch a video of Adele performing ‘Someone Like You’ at the venue below.


Over 600,000 tickets were sold for Adele’s entire Australian run of her most recent world tour, with the tour in total earning a staggering £142million.

At the first of the Sydney shows, Adele defended Justin Bieber after she asked the crowd if they were planning to see his show at the same venue later that month, to which they booed.

“If you started out at 12, you’d be like that too, okay!” she said to the crowd.

In the same Vogue interview, Adele also revealed that she has gum that was once chewed by Celine Dion framed, a gift that was given to her by James Corden. She also revealed that she plans to tour as soon as possible, pending further COVID-19 restrictions.

The interview comes in anticipation of Adele’s fourth studio album, ’30’, which is due out next month. The lead single, ‘Easy On Me’, broke Spotify’s single-day streaming record, one that was previously held by BTS.