Adele says son thinks ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is actually Masked Wolf’s ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’

"That is not the original 'Rolling In The Deep', what are you talking about?!"

Adele has shared that her son, Angelo, confuses her 2011 classic ‘Rolling In The Deep’ with Australian rapper Masked Wolf‘s breakout hit ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’.

In a new interview centred around her album ’30’, out today (November 19), Adele revealed that representatives from her label told her that she should be on TikTok so she can appeal to teens.

“They were like ‘We really got to make sure these 14-year-olds know who you are’,” Adele said, before continuing, “and I said, ‘But they’ve all got mums!'”


“They’ve all got mums, and they’ve definitely been growing up listening to my music, these 14-year-olds. If everyone’s making music for the TikTok, who’s making music for my generation? Who’s making the music for my peers? I will do that job, gladly. I’d rather cater to people that are on my level in terms of the amount of time we’ve spent on Earth and all the things we’ve been through.”

She goes on to say, “I don’t want 12-year-olds listening to this record – it’s a bit too deep!” before sharing that Angelo, who is nine years old, isn’t a fan of her work. “Angelo’s not a fan of mine. He thinks that ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is that ‘What you know about rolling down in the deep?‘”

That line, of course, opens Masked Wolf’s breakout hit ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’, which achieved global viral success earlier this year thanks to TikTok.

“That is not the original ‘Rolling In The Deep’, what are you talking about?!” Adele said.

Masked Wolf – real name Harry Michael – responded to the shoutout from Adele, posting the clip of the interview on Twitter with the caption, “Sorry I didn’t mean it.. I swear!”


Adele’s fourth studio album ’30’ is out now. It was preceded by only one single, ‘Easy On Me’, though several other cuts like ‘I Drink Wine’ and ‘Love Is A Game’ were debuted in the superstar’s recent CBS special One Night Only.

In a review of ’30’, NME‘s Rhian Daly said that it was “refreshing to see the pop titan treading braver territory.” Later this week (November 21), Adele will perform a UK TV special An Audience With Adele, filmed at the London Palladium.

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