BTS songwriter Adora releases ‘Make U Dance’, featuring VIVIZ’s Eunha

The singer had also previously penned hits for TXT and GFRIEND

South Korean singer-songwriter Adora has made her solo debut with the song ‘Make U Dance’, featuring Eunha from the upcoming girl group VIVIZ.

In the quirky new clip, the duo attempt to film a vocal performance while constantly being interrupted by bystanders who have seemingly turned feral after hearing them sing. The production crew employ different methods to stop the intruders, from attacking them with baseball bats to giving them ear plugs.

A rainbow appears on my heart, on my mind / Oh, everything is like flowers, oh my my, oh my gosh / Don’t forget to smile / Turn around the marry-go-round,” they sing in the track’s captivating pre-chorus.


Notably, Eunha was formerly part of the now-disbanded Source Music girl group GFRIEND, which Adora had penned songs for. Tracks by the group which were written by Adora include ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Siren’s Call’, among others.

The release comes short after South Korean news outlet <em>Media Pen</em> reported that the 24-year-old singer-songwriter had signed with new agency AURA Entertainment. “Adora, who has received a lot of attention and love as a composer and producer, is preparing to write her story as an artist,” it said at the time.

Adora was a former member of Big Hit Music’s in-house music production team and has penned several hits for K-pop superstars BTS and TXT. Keen-eared fans of the former have also noticed her vocals in the background of many of the boyband’s songs such as ‘134340’ and ‘Home’.

Last month, Big Planet Made Entertainment (BPM) announced that former GFRIEND members Eunha, SinB and Umji would be returning as a new three-member group called VIVIZ.


Earlier this year, all members of GFRIEND abruptly ended their contract with longtime agency Source Music and officially left the company on May 22. Days later, the group released handwritten letters to address their disbandment.

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