aespa and SUPER JUNIOR’s Shindong parody ‘Squid Game’ for Halloween

The stars had dressed up for SM Entertainment’s annual Halloween party

aespa and Shindong of SUPER JUNIOR have taken on the popular Netflix series Squid Game by parodying it for Halloween.

On October 31, South Korean entertainment giant SM Entertainment held its annual Halloween event, where its artists, from NCT to SHINee, took the chance to dress up as pop culture icons.

Among these were vocalist Winter of aespa and SUPER JUNIOR member Shindong, both of whom had both arrived dressed as “Younghee”, the deadly doll from the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game featured in the TV series Squid Game.


During their appearance at the Halloween event the remaining members of aespa – Karina, Giselle and Ning Ning – played the game as Winter took on the role of the watchful doll. However, as the vocalist turns around, and the video cuts to a shot of Shindong standing in her place.

SM Entertainment also shared photos of the idols ub costumes as they arrived at the party on its official Twitter account. Winter had arrived with aespa leader Karina, who had dressed as the Queen Of Hearts, while Shindong took his costume to the next level, accompanied by a tree and a pair of Squid Game guards.

Additionally, NCT Dream members Jaemin and Jeno also sported Squid Game-inspired costumes. The pair had arrived in the pink jumpsuits and masks worn by guards in the series.


In other aespa news, member Giselle recently issued an apology for mouthing a racial slur in a behind-the-scenes video featuring the group. “I would like to apologize for mouthing the wrongful word from the lyrics of the song that was playing on-site,” she wrote.

The statement was in response to a clip that had made its rounds on social media over the weekend, where she was seen mouthing a racial slur as part of a lyric in SZA’s ‘Love Galore’.