Agnes Manners channel the vitriol of past projects on explosive new single ‘Honeyed Ravings’

"We hope you’ll enjoy the tune for its mood, melody and human (proud, pained and error-prone) sentiment"

Melbourne outfit Agnes Manners have shared a kaleidoscopic new single titled ‘Honeyed Ravings’, described by frontman Matthew Gravolin as “a friend-favourite and a return to the vitriol of our previous projects”.

Living up to his promise, the song offers a throwback to the unique blend of biting angst and theatricality that Gravolin previously explored as a member of Hellions – he’d served as the hardcore band’s lead guitarist, co-vocalist and songwriter before leaving in 2019 – while also building on the enigmatic emo-pop style he debuted in his current project.

A major shift in the track’s sonic dynamic comes around the midway point, as an impassioned chorus snaps into a brooding soundscape of restrained violins, muddled percussion and glittering vocal harmonies. Gravolin’s ravishing poetry builds the bulk of the track’s remainder, making clear why it was named ‘Honeyed Ravings’, before the full band erupt into a gratifying crescendo.


Have a listen to ‘Honeyed Ravings’ below:

In a statement shared to Agnes Manners’ socials upon the track’s release, Gravolin explained that ‘Honeyed Ravings’ was written and recorded in the later months of 2020, noting that “it’s incredible how much your perspective can change in [a year]”.

He continued: “We hope you’ll enjoy the tune for its mood, melody and human (proud, pained and error-prone) sentiment. Nursing grudges has never gotten me anywhere – everyone makes mistakes and we’re all just trying to get by. Forgiveness and empathy are important. The track bumps though and we hope you enjoy it.”

It comes as Agnes Manners’ fourth release for 2021, following the standalone single ‘Green Elvis’ in January, a two-track EP titled ‘One As Beautiful As You’ in June, and a reworking of their older track ‘As Long As You’re Mine’ – now retitled ‘ALAYM’ and featuring guest vocals from Deez Nuts frontman JJ Peters – in October.


The band released their debut album, ‘Fantasia Famish’, in September of 2020. Alongside the original mix of ‘As Long As You’re Mine’, the record featured singles ‘Sydney’ (a collab with John Floreani of Trophy Eyes), ‘Evergreen’, ‘Brilliant Blue’ and ‘Forest Swing’ (featuring CJ Gilpin of Dream State).