Agnes Manners links up with Dream State’s Charlotte Gilpin for ‘Forest Swing’

Agnes Manners' debut album 'Fantasia Famish' is out this week

Melbourne outfit Agnes Manners has teamed up with Dream State’s Charlotte Gilpin to deliver new single today, titled ‘Forest Swing.’

The single is the fifth cut lifted from Agnes Manners’ forthcoming debut album, ‘Fantasia Famish.’

It follows the release of previous singles such as ‘Sydney,’ ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Brilliant Blue’ throughout 2020.


Watch the video for ‘Forest Swing’ below:

The single marks the second collaboration between Gilpin and Agnes Manners. The Welsh singer previously appeared on ‘As Long As You’re Mine,’ the band’s debut single, in May.

In a press statement, frontman Matthew Gravolin explained that the song was originally written for his previous band, Hellions. Gravolin departed the band last year in order to focus on the Agnes Manners project.

“I didn’t have time to complete it for that record but the theme remained important to me,” Gravolin said.

“Charlotte shared my passion for the song and its message… I was overjoyed when she agreed to sing on it.”


Gravolin went on to detail the experimentation between the two, adding their vocals together in production.

“We decided to share the chorus as a device of androgyny,” he said.

“The melding of male and female voices was necessary in articulating the song’s message.”

‘Fantasia Famish’ is out this Friday, September 18.