Agnes Manners team up with Deez Nuts’ JJ Peters for new take on ‘As Long As You’re Mine’

“JJ's verses helped us to solidify the nostalgic element,” frontman Matthew Gravolin wrote

Melbourne emo-pop outfit Agnes Manners have shared a new version of their track ‘As Long As You’re Mine’ – now re-dubbed as an acronym, titled ‘ALAYM’ – featuring guest vocals from Deez Nuts frontman JJ Peters.

‘ALYAM’ retains much of the original tune’s feel, driven by gently strummed acoustic guitars, a breezy drum beat evocative of ‘90s R&B, and an unexpected, yet tasteful saxophone solo.

Peters’ verse comes in after the first chorus, rapping over a bed of warm, humming violins: “Yeah, I had to walk a few lonely roads / ’Til I learned a few truths others only been told / That’s why you gotta trust me when I say / Shit, when I can, I’ll be on my way.”


Have a listen to ‘ALAYM’ below:

In a statement posted to the band’s social media, frontman Matthew Gravolin pointed out the nostalgic inclinations of ‘As Long As You’re Mine’, noting that his intent with the new version was to lean even further into Agnes Manners’ pop and R&B influences.

“JJ’s verses helped us to solidify the nostalgic element,” he wrote, “with his interpretation [centred] around family experiences rather than a romantic one. In my view, it makes for an entirely different listen. Our love and respect for the man is boundless.

“The reimagined ending is a favourite moment – the countermelody was sort of a happy accident we stumbled into. We all loved it so much that we’ve performed it that way live ever since.”

ALAYM is now yours to stream via your favourite conduit! The idea for this one was to lean further into the late 90's /…

Posted by Agnes Manners on Thursday, October 14, 2021


‘ALYAM’ comes as Agnes Manners’ third release for 2021, following the standalone single ‘Green Elvis’ in January, and a two-track EP titled ‘One As Beautiful As You’ back in June.

The band released their debut album, ‘Fantasia Famish’, in September of 2020. Alongside the original mix of ‘As Long As You’re Mine’, the record featured singles ‘Sydney’ (a collab with John Floreani of Trophy Eyes), ‘Evergreen’, ‘Brilliant Blue’ and ‘Forest Swing’ (featuring CJ Gilpin of Dream State).