Agung Mango drops candid double single ‘120fps / WISEFOOL’

He will also now support Genesis Owusu on tour

Agung Mango is back with new music for the first time this year, releasing the candid and thought-provoking double single, ‘120fps’ and ‘WISEFOOL’.

Mango opens up in ‘120fps’, a track which sees the artist confront his inner demons. In a press release, he spoke of his inner love-hate relationship, saying, “The relationship discussed in the song is a metaphor used to describe the struggles and dependencies I’ve had in the past with using drugs.

“This song is me coming to the realisation that these dependencies were constantly dragging me into a dark place and slowing me down, and was something that I needed to let go of in order to achieve all the things I want to do in life.”


Listen to ‘120fps’ below:

The track’s B-side, ‘WISEFOOL’, serves as Mango’s interpretation of the dream state, he says. “I wanted the freedom to be able to unapologetically write a song that didn’t just have to have only one premise or storyline, similar to how dreams are like.

“It is free flowing and spontaneous, and I just laid down whatever was on my mind at the time.”

Listen to ‘WISEFOOL’ below:


As well as the double offering today (April 8), Mango has also revealed he will support Genesis Owusu when the latter kicks off his tour in support of album, ‘Smiling With No Teeth’, later this month, appearing at all dates right into June.

Today’s two songs are the follow-ups to Mango’s DoloRRes-produced single ‘LITTLE BUM’, released last August, and the darker ‘RODENT’, which Mango spoke to NME about last year at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

Back in November, Mango teamed up with Nikodimos on ‘YO EL REY’, which served as the first taste of a forthcoming EP from the pair.