Agung Mango links up with Nikodimos on ‘YO EL REY’

The first single from a forthcoming collaborative EP by the duo

Agung Mango and producer Nikodimos have teamed up on new single ‘YO EL REY’, the first taste of a forthcoming collaborative EP from the duo.

The track sees Gung swerve between ferocious bars and smooth, crooned refrains above  Nikodimos’ blissed-out, flute-heavy beat – with the producer performing all instruments.

Listen to ‘YO EL REY’ below:


“This was the one song on the EP where I felt the most liberated, where I let all my guards down and looked back on some of my early memories of life and internal conflicts I had along the way,” Agung commented in a statement accompanying the track.

“You hear me rage, sing, rap and express my emotions in all the ways I know how. Thanks to Nikodimos for also encapsulating this on the production – that music can embody our frustrations into something beautiful.”

Nikodimos echoed the sentiments, adding, “This track is about growing up in the West and finding liberation through music. Gung and I wanted to channel our frustrations into beauty, and this track, much like the rest of our project, focuses on using our internal conflicts as a vehicle to create some timeless hits.”

‘YO EL REY’ marks the third single from Gung this year – the rapper dropped ‘RODENT’ back in February, following it up with ‘LITTLE BUM’ in August.