Agung Mango shares new single ‘Little Bum’

Produced by DoloRRes

Agung Mango has returned with his second single for 2020, ‘Little Bum’.

The new track continues the darker and wilder tone heard on ‘RODENT‘ earlier this year, with the rapper switching between falsetto and a baritone growl.

‘Little Bum’ is produced by previous collaborator DoloRRes – listen to it below:


In a press statement, Mango said the new single “tells the story of a young, aspiring artist who’s beginning to reap the rewards of his hard work”.

“Whilst he’s on a steady journey to success, he finds himself still having to prove to his parents that the career path he’s chosen can provide him with stability and security.”

In an interview with NME at Laneway Festival in Melbourne this year, Mango said he had a new EP on the way, featuring his collaborator Nicodemus.

“We’ve got a project coming out in the middle of the year, it’s very live and instrumental-based,” he said. Members of Mango’s live band will reportedly be on the release. It’s not yet clear whether ‘Little Bum’ is part of this release.

Mango also spoke about how he almost became a basketball player before chasing a musical career.


“As a kid, you go through many stages, and I just dabbled with stuff that would interfere with my basketball career,” he explained. After stepping away from the court, and following formative influences like Kid Cudi, Trapo and Kanye West, Mango plunged into music.

NME named Mango of the four best rising artists at Laneway Festival this year, observing that he “flexes a deadly double-time flow similar to fellow Aussie Genesis Owusu; when Mango spits a barb, it pierces”.