Ainslie Wills teams up with Old Sea Brigade on new single ‘Detour’

The two songwriters completed their parts remotely in Melbourne and Nashville respectively

Ainslie Wills has joined forces with American songwriter Ben Cramer – aka Old Sea Brigade – for an ethereal new duet titled ‘Detour’.

With Wills in Melbourne and Cramer in Nashville, Tennessee, the duo completed the collaboration without ever having met in person. Each recorded their own contribution remotely from their respective cities. Listen below:


The collaboration came about after the closure of international borders due to the pandemic meant that Wills, who planned to travel to Nashville to write and record this year, was unable to do so.

“’Detour’ is the universal story about knowing that you may be someone’s rebound and still falling hard, despite knowing the risks… love wins every time,” commented Wills in a statement.

“There was such an incredible chemistry in the room,” she added regarding the song’s creative process, which emerged from a writing session between herself, producer Evan Klar and Hailey Collier.

Cramer expanded on his contribution, saying: “The making of ‘Detour’ has been one of the most unique projects I’ve been involved with. The recording process has been a worldly collaboration amongst such talented people, most of whom have never met in person. I feel so inspired by everyone involved with this process and am really grateful to sing with Ainslie.”

Back in May, Wills released a cover of John Farnham‘s 1988 hit ‘Two Strong Hearts’ alongside a stirring music video shot in isolation.